Our Learning Charter

Students will:

dress smartly and always sit in the seating plan

arrive promptly and be prepared with planner and the right equipment

write title, date and lesson objective at the beginning of each lesson

have current and target grade inside front cover and always following the presentation policy

keep books clean with no graffiti inside or out

show effort and progress in their work

be focussed on work at all times

respond reflectively to their teachers’ feedback in green pen

meet deadlines

show respect for the thoughts, feelings and views of others

Lessons should provide:

challenging but achievable learning objectives

a clear structure

a variety of learning styles over time

activities matched to abilities

new information in an appropriate form

opportunities to process information

clear progress and learning

opportunities for review and reflection

a safe and secure learning environment

homework that supports and extends learning

Teachers will:

publish a clear seating plan

arrive promptly and be prepared

be positive about the learning experience

ensure date, title and learning objectives are displayed and written by students

provide clear explanations

provide engaging and varied tasks

involve the student in discussion about progress and attainment and agree clear targets for improvement

be fair with praise, rewards and sanctions

review the learning with reference to objectives at the end of the lesson

give students written feedback at least every 6 lessons