Homework & Coursework

For homework and coursework to be completed successfully:

  • Find a quiet room
  • Work at a table or desk
  • Plan your work carefully
  • Do not rush your work
  • Present your work as neatly as possible
  • Do not leave work until the last minute


Library posterHomework Policy

Key information from Banbury Academy's Homework Policy
Homework is seen as an essential part of students' learning at Banbury Academy


"Any work or activities which pupils are asked to do outside lesson time"


Suitable homeworks might include:

  • Learning or revision
  • Completing work started in class
  • Worksheets or exercises from workbooks
  • Collecting things
  • Researching or finding out
  • Reading ahead
  • Project work
  • Coursework
  • Essay writing


The amount of homework given is in accordance with the recommended DfES guidelines:

Year Amount per day
7 and 8 45 to 90 minutes
9 1 to 2 hours
10 and 11 1 ½ to 2 ½ hours


Monitoring of Homework

A record of students who do not complete homework is kept and parents are regularly informed of this through interim reports, the annual report, Parents' Evening and, where necessary, by telephone or letter. Staff are not obliged to spend excessive time chasing students who do not complete homework but are expected to input accurate data at Bromcom collection points.

Dates for reporting on homework

See Achievement Card inside the front of the printed planner.