Finding information

Need information for:

  • Homework?
  • Coursework?
  • Background reading?
  • Interests?

Then try
The Library – books, newspapers, magazines, DVD's etc with information on your subjects and other interests

  • Brilliant collection of fiction books for leisure reading
  • Open 8.30am - 4.30pm every school day as well as break and lunch time
  • It's FREE! – no fines!

Eclipse – the Library's computer system

  • Information on all the books, magazines, DVD's etc in the Library – you can request a book so that it is waiting for you when somebody returns it to the Library
  • Access to over 9,000 educationally approved websites providing the right sort of information, at the right level for you
  • Click here to go on to Eclipse

Public libraries – Marlborough Road and Wood Green/Neithrop. You can

  • join online
  • borrow up to 20 books at one time and kept them for 3 weeks – This is FREE!
  • renew books online or by 'phone to avoid overdue charges!
  • find all the titles in Oxfordshire's public libraries on the library catalogue online at
  • request any book in the county library catalogue to be sent to your local library. Do this on-line or by visiting the library. FREE to under 18's!
  • use Reference Online service from home– access to a wide range of online information, out of school hours This is FREE! Click here to find out more
  • read a variety of newspapers and magazines in the library and articles from many UK newspapers online through the Libraries subscription to Access NewsUK
  • check out a selection of websites that have been selected and evaluated for you by Oxfordshire libraries
  • use the Answers Direct Service which provides a quick response to information enquiries by phone, letter or email – recommend sources of information including books, websites etc
  • find out about the history of the local area, particularly in the Centre for Banburyshire Studies in Banbury Library

Mind MapMind Maps

  • Look at the information Mind Map right for more ideas.
  • There are many different sources of information use this to remind yourself every time you do a project, research, or coursework


  • Don't just Google or use Wikipedia – think! Google can find you too much irrelevant information at the wrong level and Wikipedia cannot be relied upon

There is so much good, authoritative information on the internet – do use it! So try:

  • Eclipse – access to over 9,000 educationally approved websites providing the right sort of information, at the right level for you. Click here to go onto Eclipse
  • Reference Online – a brilliant selection of good, authoritative websites which normally charge to be used but can be accessed free through your public library membership eg Encyclopaedia Britannica. Click here for more information
  • Issues Online - a comprehensive reference source covering social issues useful for many subjects eg Sociology, Geography, etc by logging onto - if you don't know the login details please ask in the Library

ALWAYS keep notes about where you find your information for your bibliography
Enjoy your research and discovering new information