How to use sQuid

Cashless Catering at Banbury Academy


Year 7: Year 7 students will be able to use cash until they are registered on cashless catering. Each class will have their fingers scanned during the first week of Term 1.

Parents/Carers  Please note that the law has recently changed requiring us to have your written permission to store the algorithm of your child’s fingerprint, whether or not your child already uses the system below. Read the Cashless Catering Permission Letter here.

Students will be handed a letter with your sQuid registration number and security code when they have their finger scanned.
Please register your details with sQuid and create a sQuid account so that you can manage your sQuid account online.

 Already have a student in school and already logging on?

If you are already logging onto sQuid. Please now log on with the email and password that you are already using, but from immediate effect, please now only use the website  (Following an email from sQuid in the summer, you may already be using this portal, if so please continue to do so).  You will now be able to use the trips and offers purse, and as well as the catering purse.

Already have more than one student in school with separate log ons and separate accounts?

Please log in to one of your accounts using  You will already see that the first student is there. Then you should see an option to merge accounts, so you can bring additional students into the same log on and account.  If you have different email addresses currently for the two accounts, you will need to follow the instructions contained within sQuid to amend the email address to the same email before you can proceed.

Once the accounts are merged, you will then only need to access the one log on for all your students.

Already have a student in school and already logging on, but now have a further student to add who has never had an account?

Log into your existing account, but now using only  Once logged in you can add an additional student to your account by entering their 16 digit registration number (on your letter from school) on the Users’ page.

Never had a log on previously for sQuid? 

Please log in using and follow the details to register by creating a new customer account using your own email and password. You should receive an email to verify your account. You will need to click on the link on the email to confirm the registration (please note that the email may not be delivered immediately).  Once you have clicked on the email link, you will need to input the 16 digit registration number and the 3 digit security code contained within your letter from school.  Once logged in, you should see the name of your child, you can then also search and add any further students in as necessary.

How to use the sQuid machine in the Buttery

The school now has a cash handling machine for sQuid in the Buttery. Anyone, staff or students who have had their finger scanned and wish to add cash to their squid accounts can do so with this machine.

It is very simple to use. Simply place your finger on the scan pad, your name and account balance is displayed, add your cash (it takes notes and coins down to a 10 pence coin) and your new balance is displayed. To exit your account press the silver re-set button. Change is not given.

On Monday at break-time there is often a huge demand to use the machine so try at different times of the day.

What to do if you haven't set up a sQuid account

The catering staff will not accept cash.

  • If you do not have a sQuid account, students and staff should enquire at reception.
    As an alternative to a paid lunch students can bring a packed lunch to eat in the designated areas.