• Banbury Academy-South

Welcome from the Principal

Miss Sylvia ThomasA very warm welcome to Banbury Academy, a school at the very heart of its community with high aspirations for all students, wherever their talents lie. We believe that first and foremost our students should feel happy and safe at all times when they are with us.

We also firmly believe that every student has potential and can achieve their goals and dreams with the support of the passionate and committed staff we have working at Banbury Academy. We also know that this cannot happen unless we work in true partnership with you, their parents/carers. The Aspirations Framework that we base all of our work around has the building of self-worth as one of the three guiding principles. Self-worth can only be achieved when our students know that they are valued as individuals in our community and believe deep down that they can succeed.  We work hard to help them achieve that feeling.

You will not be surprised to learn that we have incredibly high standards in all aspects of our work with our children and young people. We are preparing our students for a successful and long working life and therefore we expect, and demand, the highest possible levels of attendance and punctuality, the smartest uniform at all times, the most courteous and polite approach to others in our community and a desire to maintain a clean and tidy working environment for everyone.

We have a clear approach to supporting our students to make the right decisions and choices in both lessons and around the academy. We recognise that all children will make mistakes at some point whilst they are at school. What is more important is that they learn not to repeat these mistakes. Restorative work is therefore a key part of our systems for ensuring the highest possible standards of behaviour. Reward is important and we like to encourage intrinsic reward as much as the giving of material prizes.

Being a teenager is not easy in this era of social media and pressures from all sorts of different angles. We look for our students to dig in deep when things get tough and to draw on all of the resources around them to get through the difficulties they face. Giving up is not an option at Banbury Academy for staff and students alike. We pride ourselves in having a very effective pastoral system, with a mentor who works with your child and will be a key figure in their lives and someone you as parents have trust in too. We want to build even stronger relationships with the parent body to ensure that we are always doing the best for every child in our care.

A further belief that we have is that we are educating the “whole child” at Banbury Academy. We therefore strive to offer a range of opportunities outside of the academic curriculum for all pupils to participate in and enjoy. Sport, drama, music and art can provide students with the chance to develop leadership and team work skills which every employer is actively looking for in new recruits.

We look forward to working with you to ensure success for all of our children and young people on their journey towards achieving their dreams.

Sylvia Thomas
Principal of Banbury Aspirations Campus