NASA Trip Donations

Hello, we are a team of 4 students from Banbury Academy and Space Studio Banbury who have been selected to go on a once in a lifetime trip to NASA. We are so thrilled and grateful to have been given an opportunity completely out of this world. However, we are having to raise the money for us to be able to fly over there and stay for 2 weeks this summer. We realise that our goal is a major challenge to reach but we are really committed and passionate towards all of the new and amazing experiences that lie before us just only a few months away.

Our plans to raise this are as followed:

  • organise a Spring Fete for our community
  • go to/host events where we have tombola, raffles, refreshments, competitions, displays of our work and spread awareness of fundraising
  • deliver flyers to raise awareness
  • organise a Night in the Stars sleepover for students
  • collect donations from the public in town
  • contact businesses who've worked with us before for sponsorships
  • plus many more ideas.

They shall be as creative and fun as they can be so we can get loads of donations.

Any donations you can give us would mean everything to us. You may think that this isn't a good cause but this offer given to us will have incredible benefits for us. For example, being able to put this on our CVs so we stand out from the crowd when getting into a career and even meeting engineers, astronauts and scientists who can give us inspirational knowledge about how they got to where they're today. If you had the chance to go to NASA would you turn it down? You may think that NASA is of no interest to you but there is so much more to it than you think and I guarantee that something there would grab your full attention. The work they have done over the decades have greatly shaped our understanding of our planet and the universe we are a part of. We hope you will be a part of our journey too by donating whatever you can as we'll never get the chance again.

To donate please go to

Thank you,
Zachariah, Olivia, Aaron and Jacob

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