SCIB (Safeguarding children In Banbury)

SCIB is a multi-agency collaborative working group that has been set up with the primary goal of keeping children in Banbury safe. The group consists of leads from each of the schools, the Police, Health and Social Care. The aim of the group is to deliver  information to children and parents about issues that affect our community and children’s wellbeing. The focus areas for this year
have been chosen as Child Sexual Exploitation, Cyber Bullying and Substance Abuse. The group liaise to ensure the best delivery of these subject areas at the same time across the town for maximum impact. The main objectives and messages that the SCIB group want to communicate are:

  • I know how to keep myself safe from…
  • I know how to keep my child safe from…
  • We know how to keep our community safe from …

The group wants to celebrate collaborative working amongst schools in Banbury with the aim of safeguarding students and to publicise this throughout the year. A logo competition was held amongst all of the students from the schools to come up with a design that promoted SCIB and fitted with the ethos of the group and they came up with the following:

SCIB_Logo_with strapline-colour

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