What to read next?

Need ideas on what to read next?


  • Find a book of a film or TV programme
  • Look for short stories
  • Find out about popular books from friends, TV, websites etc
  • Try graphic novels – brilliant books with wonderful illustrations
  • Find out about winning and short-listed books in book awards eg Carnegie, Oxfordshire, Richard and Judy
  • Look in “Who Next” a guide to authors who write like your favourite authors. It also lists authors by genre so if you want a book about spies, families, school or want a good laugh check out this book next time you are in the library.

Check out these book lists for ideas of brilliant books to read

Use good book websites eg


  • Ask friends – if they like a book, you might like it too
  • Ask teachers, teaching assistants, parents, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters...
  • The Library
  • Look around
  • Ask for help
  • Eclipse - the Library’s computer system which includes lots of fab information about books. To access Eclipse quickly, go to:
  • Click on this link to Eclipse or go to the The world at your fingertips page under the Students tab
  • Enjoy browsing for ideas on
  • Latest Reviews
  • Top Ten
  • New Arrivals
  • Returns Trolley
  • Author Corner
  • What other people have read
  • Search for an author etc

Public libraries

  • Banbury Library, Marlborough Road
  • Neithrop Library, Wood Green
  • Mobile library