Banbury Aspirations Campus Sixth Form

‘Our Community…Our Responsibility… Our Future’

Banbury Academy Sixth Form is a vibrant community with a clear sense of identity and vision. All of the work that we do is underpinned by the values of the Guiding Principles of The Aspiration Academies Trust, these being:  Self Worth, Engagement and Purpose.

Our mission is to create a strong, friendly community where all members of the team have an intrinsic sense of self-worth, self-belief and self-confidence. Students in our community and the adults that work alongside them aim to support each other to think positively, take risks and be resilient so that we break through our own barriers, explore our own passions and motivate ourselves and others on our individual pathways to our dreams; dreams of the present and the future. In doing so, we work together to ensure that we all know how unique we are, are surrounded by people who believe in each other, respect and value individual’s choices, and are recognised for our different types of success.

Together, we aim to enjoy our time in the sixth form by providing each other with, and actively engaging in fun and exciting experiences in and beyond the classroom and sixth form environment. We aim to balance the fun with the hard work, approaching learning and life with a true spirit of adventure, curiosity, creativity and purpose. We know the importance of engaging fully with the wider community in which we learn and live, and seek to contribute positively in our roles as members of society.

Developing ourselves as leaders of our own learning and lives and becoming role models within our community is key to our vision. By embracing the skills of individuals, listening to one another and working together as a team we seek to empower all members of our team to set aspirational goals. We believe that we all have the right to have own voice, find our own way and tread our own pathways to reach our dreams, and we know that to succeed in this we must support each other on our stepping stones to success.

If your values and expectations match ours, we would be delighted to hear from you.  We can guarantee that in return we can offer you a highly enjoyable and memorable two years where your academic ambitions will be met in a stimulating atmosphere of care, and support.

Carly Berry
Head of Post 16