Key Stage 4 Guided Choices

The end of Key Stage 3 is an important stage in education. For the first time, students have a degree of choice in what they study. Making choices can be a challenge, and students need to be aware of the content of subjects at GCSE level and their own strengths in order to make the right decisions.

In Key Stage 4 students will study a core curriculum consisting of English Literature, English Language, Mathematics, Science and Physical Education. In addition, students will be given a pathway with a variety of subjects available to maximise their successes and opportunities at the end of KS4. The subjects available to KS4 students can be viewed in the Guided Choices Booklet below.

Guided Choices

The booklet:

  • Presents to parents and students the courses available for the 13 -16 (Key Stage 4) age range
  • Explains the syllabus content, course structure and assessment for all courses

For students entering Year 9 in September 2017:
Key Stage 4 Guided Choices Booklet 2017-2018

Individual student attainment and recommendations will be given during the evening when collecting the booklet and signing in. Although students have already expressed their preferred choices, this is not final at this stage. Choices will be finalised after individual interviews have been conducted during the Spring Term.