Where am I now?

Where am I now?
Where do I want to be?
How do I get there?

These 3 questions lie at the heart of Banbury Academy’s Assessment, Marking and Feedback developments. Ensuring that all students have a clear understanding of their skills and knowledge in each subject area, and understand the steps they need to take to move them closer to their target grades, is essential if all students are to make good progress.

This progress is the key to their door to their future.

To enable this progress we made a commitment to all students as to the frequency and quality of our feedback. 

We are also asking our students to make a commitment to:

 use self-assessment opportunities to make a considered response to assessment feedback ,
These could include:
 Writing a personal target
 Creating an action plan to work towards the target
 Reviewing your progress before the next assessment
 Re-drafting parts of previous work in light of feedback
 provide clear, constructive peer assessment (e.g. using language from mark criteria)
 Use DIRT opportunities provided in lessons to take responsibility for their progress towards targets.

To support students’ literacy skills we use The Literacy Code to indicate to students key areas where they need to develop key literacy skills.

  • Sp =spelling error
  • C= Capital letter error
  • Gr= grammar (sentence structure)
  • P = punctuation error
  • // = paragraphing error
  • U = Incorrect usage of word

Parents and carers also play a vital role in enabling their child’s progress towards their targets. Please take time to ask your child about their learning. Some simple questions to ask are:

Where are you now?
Where do you want to be?
How will you get there?