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Sixth Form Results 2016

2016 A Level Results for Banbury Aspirations Campus

We are extremely pleased with the improvements in all of our headline figures this year for Banbury Academy and this is testament to the hard work of both staff and students. Congratulations to all of our students on their results and we wish them every success, whether that be at university or in employment. We look forward to further improvement next year following an excellent start by the year 12 cohort in both schools.

Headline figures for Banbury Academy

  2015 2016 Increase
% students with 2 or more A Levels at A*-B 26% 41% 15 percentage points
% students with 2 or more A Levels at A*-C 67% 76% 9 percentage points
% students with 2 or more A Levels at A*-E 77% 96% 19 percentage points
% students achieved AAB or higher in facilitating subjects   6%  


Number of students 117
Overall progress 0.01 (against a national average of 0.00)
ALPS quality indicator grade 2 (showing how performance compares with other schools)
ALPS T-score 3


Average grade per A Level entry C-
Average points score per A Level entry 28.2


English and Maths GCSE
English 15 students with a progress score of -0.07 (against a national average of -0.10)
Maths 13 students with a progress score of 1.00 (against a national average of -0.13)


% of students staying in education or going into employment: 93% (against a national average of 88%)

Click here to go to the Department of Education Performance Tables for Banbury Academy.

A Level Results Day     

Headline figures for Space Studio Banbury
As the very first cohort of students were entered for A levels this year, Space Studio Banbury results reflect a small specialised year group focusing on maths and science. Space Studio Banbury results should be not be compared with Banbury Academy results where the year group had a much higher number of students studying a wider range of subjects.

% students with 2 or more A Levels at A*-B   10%
% students with 2 or more A Levels at A*-C   56%
% students with 2 or more A Levels at A*-E   90%

A Level Results Day

Top performers from across the campus

Student A Level Grades
Ben Crosby English Literature (A*), Politics( A*), Religious Studies(A*)
Rosie Taylor Biology (A*), English Literature (A*), Chemistry (B)
Oliver Jay Maths (A*), Further Maths (A), Physics (A)
Grace Bushrod Sociology (A*), English Language (A), English Literature (B)
Amy Johnson Art & Design (A*), Spanish (A), Geography (B)
Melissa Coshott Maths (A*), Further Maths (A), Biology (C)
Alice Bushrod Sociology (A*), English Literature (B), English Language (B)
Isiah Crawford-Rudkin Maths (A*), Further Maths (B), Physics (B)
Natasha Oliver Religious Studies (A*), Sociology (B), Art & Design (D)
Bethany Page Art & Design Textiles (A), Health & Social Care (A), Psychology (B)
Anna Penniston Health & Social Care (A), Psychology (A), Drama (C)
Emma Colley Sociology (A), English Language (B), Psychology (B)
Gemma Eley Health & Social Care Double Award (AB), Sociology (B)
Hannah Harding Maths (A), Further Maths (B), Chemistry (B)
Raazi Karim Business Studies (A), Maths (B), Further Maths (B)
Georgia Maloney Health & Social Care Double Award (AB), Sociology (B)
Katie Viggers Psychology (A), English Language (B), Physical Education (B)
Lucy Edwards Health & Social Care (A), Drama (B), Sociology (C)
Daisy Nicholls Art & Design Textiles (A), English Literature (B), Sociology (C)
Sapphire Star English Literature (A), Psychology (B), Politics (C)
Humza Rashid Maths (A), Further Maths (B), Biology (D)