Dance Leaders


27 Year 8 girls took the lead at the Year 4 dance festival on Thursday 10th November.  The event was very popular with over 150 children from six of our family of primary schools attending. The children were divided up into small groups and taught dances that the leaders had put together during their PE lessons this term.

Fun and engagement was the emphasis for this inclusion event and it was great to see all the children joining in and enjoying themselves.  The leaders excelled and did brilliantly at getting all of them involved.  After teaching the children their dances, everyone took to the stage to perform in front of the large audience.

Dancing line up


To finish the festival, the children were treated to stunning performances by Ava and Isobel and left feeling inspired and motivated to get their dancing shoes on!

Well done to the leaders!  Kimberly, Katy, Iris, Angela, Julia, Timika, Magan, Tiffany, Niamh, Ava, Katherine, Chloe, Emma, Collette, Ella, Isobel, Amy, Grace, Victoria, Victoria, Skye, Kiya, Sumaira, Meagan, Amie, Brooke and Libby.

Dance Leaders