Teaching Staff

2017 - 2018

Surname Forename Email Position Subject
Allen Steph sallen@banbury-aspirations.org Deputy Co-ordinator of English (KS5) English
Aspin Louise laspin@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of English English
Aylott Michelle maylott@banbury-aspirations.org Deputy Co-ordinator of Arts Art, Textiles
Bent Jonathan jbent@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of Humanities History, Geography, English
Berry Carly cberry@banbury-aspirations.org Assistant Principal - Head of Post 16 English
Bird Martin mbird@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of Humanities History, Geography
Boyle Glenda gboyle@banbury-aspirations.org Co-ordinator of Humanities Business Studies, ICT
Brodey Mary mbrodey@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of Biology Biology
Case Dene dcase@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of Science Science
Chilvers  John jchilvers@banbury-aspirations.org Deputy Co-ordinator of Maths Maths
Coleman Ben bcoleman@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of Drama Drama with Music
Colville Chris ccolville@banbury-aspirations.org Co-ordinator of Science Science, Physics
Cummings Danny dcummings@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of Health and Social Care Health & Social Care
Deakin Chris cdeakin@banbury-aspirations.org Director of Teaching Sociology
Eastwick Shelley seastwick@banbury-aspirations.org Co-ordinator of English English, Media Studies
Foster Carine cfoster@banbury-aspirations.org Assistant Principal - Head of Humanities & Languages College French
Gale-Sides  Valentine  vgale-sides@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of Drama Drama
Graver Catherine cgraver@banbury-aspirations.org Co-ordinator of Foreign Languages French, Spanish
Grover Zelmira zgrover@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of Law and Humanities Law, Humanities
Hartley Olivia ohartley@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of Design Technology Design Technology
Hayden Rob rhayden@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of PE, DofE Manager  PE
Hetherington Janet jhetherington@banbury-aspirations.org Vice Principal Maths, Science
Heywood Sarah sheywood@banbury-aspirations.org Subject Co-ordinator of Post 16 Psychology, Health & Social Care
Howson Oli ohowson@banbury-aspirations.org Assistant Principal - Head of Maths, Computing & Engineering Maths, Computing, Engineering
Irvine Jenny jirvine@banbury-aspirations.org Assistant Principal - Head of English & Arts College English, Media Studies
Kinsella  Barbara bkinsella@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of English English
Little Michael mlittle@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of Science Science
Llewellyn Gareth gllewellyn@banbury-aspirations.org Co-ordinator of Technology ICT, Computing, Business Studies
Martin Maria mmartin@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of Food Technology Food Technology
Mativenga Albert amativenga@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of Maths Maths
McMahon Clare cmcmahon@banbury-aspirations.org Deputy Co-ordinator of Technology
(on maternity leave)
Food & Nutrition, Art
Merrick Dean dmerrick@banbury-aspirations.org Co-ordinator of PE/Health PE
Newell Chris cnewell@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of Post 16 Maths Maths
Paine Christian cpaine@banbury-aspirations.org Lead Teacher of Engineering/DT Engineering, DT
Parker Daniel dparker@banbury-aspirations.org Aspirant Coordinator of English English
Parkinson Sue sparkinson@banbury-aspirations.org Co-ordinator of Arts Art, Textiles
Peruga Virginie vperuga@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of Foreign Languages French, Spanish
Puran Ewan epuran@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of Maths Maths
Randall Corinna crandall@banbury-aspirations.org Chemistry Trainee Chemistry
Reddan Clare creddan@banbury-aspirations.org Co-ordinator of Maths Maths
Richards Gabrielle grichards@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of Dance and Maths Dance
Shakespeare David dshakespeare@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of English and Ethics English, Ethics
Shires Rizpah rshires@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of English English
Simpson Benjamin bsimpson@banbury-aspirations.org Maths Trainee Maths
Smith Chris chsmith@banbury-aspirations.org Assistant Principal - Head of Science, PE and Health College French, Spanish
Smith-Childs Lucie lsmith-childs@banbury-aspirations.org School Sport Co-ordinator (SSCO) Community Sport
Smyllie Edward esmyllie@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of PE and Maths PE, Maths
Spencer Lee lspencer@banbury-aspirations.org Head of Music Music
Sterland Simon ssterland@banbury-aspirations.org Lead Practitioner of Science Science, Biology
Stowe Martyn mstowe@banbury-aspirations.org Director of Social Development Maths
Sullivan Myles msullivan@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of Humanities History, Geography, English
Temple-Fry Wendy wtemple-fry@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of Maths Maths
Thomas Sylvia sthomas@banbury-aspirations.org Principal Maths, Science
Ventura  Luke lventura@banbury-aspirations.org Deputy Co-ordinator of Humanities History, Geography
Vinall Lucas lvinall@banbury-aspirations.org Deputy Co-ordinator of Humanities History, Geography
Welchman Rebecca rwelchman@banbury-aspirations.org Deputy Co-ordinator of Geography Geography
Wheelhouse Gemma gwheelhouse@banbury-aspirations.org Teacher of Science and PE Science, PE
White Rachel rwhite@banbury-aspirations.org Lead Practitioner of Drama Drama
Willcocks Gina gwillcocks@banbury-aspirations.org Deputy Co-ordinator of Science Science, Chemistry
Willett Lauren lwillett@banbury-aspirations.org Deputy Co-ordinator of PE/Health PE
Williams Justine jwilliams@banbury-aspirations.org Assistant Principal - SENCO  Geography, Maths
Space Studio Teaching Staff (who also teach at Banbury Academy / or Post 16 lessons)
Ingham Julia juliaingham@spacestudiobanbury.org Vice Principal (Head of School) Philosophy & Ethics
Sterland Lucy lucysterland@spacestudiobanbury.org Director of Project Based Learning
Walton Tom tomwalton@spacestudiobanbury.org Chemistry Trainee Chemistry