Primary Inclusion Festival

Year 9s do another great job at Primary Inclusion Festival

5 of Banbury Academy’s family of primary schools joined Year 9 students on Thursday 2nd March to take part in the second Year 3/4 inclusion festival.  This time the theme was targets and the leaders guided the youngsters through activities which included archery, golf, bean bag tag and prisoner dodgeball.  The children loved it, many thanks and a big well done to the leaders who made their activities so fun and accessible to all of them!   One of the  accompanying adults commented that “the leaders at Banbury Academy are always so friendly and caring which is just what these children need.  The children grow in confidence each time they come.”

Leaders: Marshall, Tim, Holly,  Lauren, Sadie, Katherine, Kelsey, Keiyara, Leah, Maddie and Hailey.

Year 9 Leaders

Inclusion Festival photos