Year 1 Multi Skills Festival

Hoopla and archery

“The leaders were outstanding”

300 Year 1 children from our feeder primary schools came to their first ever festival at Banbury Academy on May 4th.  The 43 Year 7 and 8 leaders were brilliant, guiding the children through the activities, lots of which the children had never done before.  One accompanying member of staff said “Such a great morning.  The young leaders were outstanding with clear direction, expectations and enthusiasm.  The children learnt a range of new skills and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.  Thank-you.”

Young Leaders

Year 7 Leaders – Georgia, Lucy, Louisa, Sarita, Caitlin, Hanna, Victoria, Kira, Imogen, Erin.
Year 8 Leaders – Nyle, Myron, Ben, Darragh, Leo, Cole, Toby, Kimberly, Katy, Iris, Angela, Julia, Timika, Meagan, Tiffany, Niamh, Ava, Katherine, Chloe-Ann, Emma, Collette, Ella, Isobel, Amy, Grace, Victoria, Victoria, Kiya, Meagan, Amie, Brooke, Libby, Chloe.

Football skills

Cricket skills