Year 12 Mock Exams Timetable SUMMER 2018

Timetable Year 12 Mocks
Mon 25th June – Thurs 28th June

Y12 Summer Mocks Timetable

All exams are in Wykham Gym unless you have exam access arrangements, in which case you will receive a timetable with your name at the top.

Should you have exams that clash, turn up to the exam room to sit the longest exam and let the invigilator know you are not sitting the other exam which is also on.
The exam paper that you miss will remain in the exam room so just turn up next time you do not have an exam and complete that paper.
(Please see the Exams Officer if you have any questions/problems)

You will need all your equipment
Black biro pens only
Bottled water in a clear bottle is allowed on the floor by your desk
All mobiles must be switched off and in your bag, No watches to be worn
No outside clothing to be worn in the exam room