Sports Leaders UK Level 1 Qualification

Sports Leaders-July 17

20 Year 9 students delivered a primary Change4Life festival at Banbury Academy on Thursday 6th July as their final assessment for their Level 1 Sports Leaders Qualification.  The festival was organised for children lacking in confidence or passion for sport, giving them the opportunity to take part in sports they maybe wouldn't have done otherwise.  The young leaders did a great job of encouraging and supporting all the children to do their best and not give up if things didn’t work the first time. It was a huge success – the PE Coordinator from Cropredy Primary School commented that “The children came back absolutely full of it - they had the best time! Some even said it was the best day ever!”  Well done to all the leaders who passed with flying colours!  Hannah, Holly, Lauren, Sadie, Shannon, Holly, Tia, Maia, Cassidy, Elizabeth, Sophie, Jaymee, Ella, Simran, Millie, Joy, Lucy, Leah, Hollie and Julia.