Gifted and Talented

Meeting the needs of our Able, Gifted and Talented students
At Banbury Academy we recognise that all students have a right to a challenging experience, including those who have a talent or ability in one or more areas. We look beyond cultural, academic and behavioural boundaries and adopt the widest possible view of what it means to be able. We also endeavour to seek out those who are underachieving and those who have potential but are held back by their situation, as well as those who are already heading for success.

Gifted and talented students are identified by a variety of means, and their names added to a regularly up-dated register, to which all our staff have access. Extension and enrichment courses are offered, in addition to subject work and extra curricular activities, as appropriate. The school's Able, Gifted and Talented Coordinator liaises with individual curriculum areas in identification and provision for able students and to arrange enrichment opportunities.

Each year Banbury Academy runs a special Gifted and Talented Week, during which the most able students from Years 7 to 10 work together on a series of extremely challenging tasks.