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Eclipse: Banbury Academy Library’s computer system for information on books, magazines and access to over 9,000 educationally approved websites: Eclipse

Reference Online: Free access to a wide range of online reference materials for library members: Reference Online

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The world at your fingertips


library-booksThe Library at Banbury Academy is designed to meet a range of students' learning and study needs.

How do we help you study?
The library is a hive of activity, sited in the Sixth Form Centre at the heart of the Banbury Academy campus. With over 12,000 books and 20 networked computers with internet access, there is a huge amount of information available to be accessed by all students in our school.

As well as the many non-fiction books there are 3000 fiction books in the reading area, stocked with classics, periodicals and popular fiction including the latest titles by favourite authors. The library staff work hard to cater for a wide range of readership from Year 7 to adult.

Library logoThe Library is open from 8.00am to 4.00pm Monday to Friday.

Read our Library Resource Guide for more information.

There is an After-School Homework Club open to everyone with our librarian on hand to help and advise and to help them find everything they need. Students can access the library facilities every day from 3.05pm to 4.00pm for support with completion of their homework. If you would like your child to use this service, please provide them with written permission to stay until 4.00pm. If there are any queries regarding this, please contact Ms Morton. Email:

The Library Team are happy to help with study skills – such as how to use find information through books or good, reliable websites.

'Achievement only takes place when young people learn to take responsibility for their own learning, homework and self-study – when they move from being teacher-dependent to self-dependent.'