Drop Down Day Success

Our second PSHCEE drop down day proved to be a massive success. On Wednesday 29 November, each year group participated in a day of off-timetable activities aimed at enriching their personal, social, health, citizenship and economic education and embedding the values of the Aspirations Trust through assemblies, activities, visiting speakers and off-site opportunities.

We welcomed some wonderful visiting speakers: the Dennys Shortt DCS Group on preparing for work; Amey Construction on their industry; Tibbetts Group Finance on running a business; and the submariners and the army discussing a career in the services.

Year 7 learned about the “Five ways to wellbeing” and the positive impact adding these 5 actions to your life can have on how you feel. The five ways to wellbeing are: Connect; be Active; take notice; keep learning; and give. Sarah Elsley, our school nurse delivered workshops with the students coming up with an excellent wellbeing tool kit including lots of examples of things we can all do to add these five things to our lives. They also attended workshops on communication; considering body language, gestures, senses and perception through acting and speaking activities, and on democracy and British values

Year 8 had a fabulous day at Space Studio Banbury taking part in engineering activities that included making shelters out of paper, constructing a water purification filter and making rafts suitable for areas of the world subject to flooding. They also envisaged how Banbury would respond to major flooding by mapping the area around the town.

Year 9 participated in a relationships, drugs and alcohol awareness programme with visiting speakers.

Year 10 parents enabled their children to join them on work experience by going to work with a parent or carer. We have had such positive feedback from the students about their day out in the workplace. Thank you to all those parents that took part. Students that remained in school joined careers workshops learning valuable interview techniques.

Year 11 attended interviews with sixth form students who mentored them in technique and presentation at a speed mentoring event. Outside speakers from MADE gave lively and informative talks to year 11 and sixth form students.

As well as helping our year 11 students, the sixth form students also attended debates on badger culling and discussions on British values.

The day was hugely enjoyable and our thanks to all who made it possible. 





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