Sister Act rocks!

The students at Banbury Academy 'rocked the pews' at St Mary's Church with their hugely successful production of Sister Act! Running for 3 performances, the musical was one of the school's most ambitious productions to date and the cast shone throughout!

Mr Coleman, director of the show said 'I could not be more proud of the cast! Sister Act is a hugely tricky show with massive musical numbers and huge character development but the students took to it with ease. I don't think the audience expected to be quite so blown away with what they saw! The beautiful backdrop of St Mary's Church made it without a doubt our most visually stunning show yet. The students have worked tirelessly for 6 months, coming to rehearsals at least twice a week and the results speak for themselves. Once again we have proven that the performing arts are alive and kicking at Banbury Academy!'

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