Y4-6 Summer Games Festival

The last of our 2017/2018 NOSSP Primary events was held on July 5th.  It was an inclusion event with over 200 Y4-6 children taking part in fun games inspired by Rounders and Cricket.  The festival was expertly delivered by a team of experienced Y9 and Y12 Sports leaders who did a fantastic job – Grace A, Alex B, Amy B, Ava B, Danny C, Collette F, Iris M, Emma N, Angela O, Maddie P, Kimberly R, Katy R, Ella P, Megan H, Brooke S, Addison S-L, Victoria W,  Isobel W,  Niamh W and Tia W.

Over 200 students have been involved in delivering NOSSP Primary festivals and competitions this year.  They have all been brilliant, delivering high quality physical activity and sporting opportunities to over 2500 children across 15 primary schools from the Banbury Area.  Thank you and well done to all of you! 

Mrs Smith-Childs

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